Listen into Matthew Hopkinson in conversation with Nicky Daniels of BT of Innovation Martlesham.

One of the companies we support with their data and commercial strategy and development is an exciting spin out from Leeds University, Acuity Robotics, and here is Didobian, Matthew Hopkinson, talking about what they do with the Head of BT’s Innovation Centre at Innovation Martlesham

A common vision of a robot is a machine resembling a human being and replicating human movements and functions. However, not all robots resemble humans, but they still manage to achieve human activities and much more. A current challenge is inspecting infrastructure such as telescopic poles, wind turbine towers, pipes and ducting. My guest on this podcast understands the challenge and his company has developed a robot to meet this challenge.

In this podcast, Matthew:

– Gives an overview of Acuity Robotics

– Expands on what is meant by integration inspection and data reporting

– Shares more about the benefits and which industry sectors they currently work with

– Highlights the way forward for Acuity Robotics

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