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The Two


Matthew Hopkinson and Matthew Richardson have known each other since 1997 when they first worked together on a data integration project when Matthew R was working for Experian and Matthew H was working for Property Intelligence (Focus). 

Since then they have both built up significant practical experience and expertise in the validation and interpretation of data that has been revolutionary for the businesses they have both worked in. Matthew H at Costar and The Local Data Company, and Matthew R at MSCI and Fidelity International.

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How We Work

Typically when we work with clients we follow the following process which delivers the best outcomes:

01. Meet

Meet senior team to understand the questions, challenges or areas that require help.

02. Scope

Scoping meeting to define and confirm the required outputs – impacts and results. What will success look like?

03. Audit

Audit of existing data, processes, structures and people linked to the work.

04. Validate

Validation and review of existing data, processes and models.

05. Analyse

Analysis of options (data, process and people) in order to deliver a plan of action.

06. Deliver

Delivery of findings and plan of action to deliver outcomes to senior leadership team.

07. Implement

Implementation of actions in partnership with the client’s existing team along with coaching to achieve the best outcomes.

08. Feedback

Feedback on what went well and what could have been done better (360 degree review).

09. Ongoing support and mentoring

We work with your teams to develop their skills individually and as a team which creates a peak performing organisation

Our Services

Areas where we deploy our expertise include
Data Strategy

How are you using data?
Data Assets

Are they fit for purpose?
Data Modelling

How are you extracting maximum value from your data?

Is data at the heart of your decision-making?
Process Review

Are your data assets giving you competitive advantage?
Interpretation and Analytics

What is the story your data is telling you?
Speaking and Coaching

People who deliver passion, purpose and knowledge seamlessly.

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