Didobi appointed by Isle of Man Government to carry out city, town and village audits

Business Isle of Man, an Executive Agency of the Department for Enterprise, has appointed Didobi to carry out a data and engagement driven audit in order to provide invaluable information and support towards decision-making and strategic planning within the Isle of Man Government. This project will to help the key stakeholders with an interest in the local economy to gain a greater level of understanding of each of the Island’s key towns, which each have unique compositions, challenges and opportunities for future growth.

This project includes:

  • Undertaking under-pinning data collection activities across the eight areas identified in support of the development of ‘Town Audits
  • Produce individual ‘Town Audit Reports’, which include detailed analysis, insights and future recommendations for each of the eight areas identified.
  • Produce an ‘Executive Summary Town Audit Review’ that provides a high-level overview of the outcomes of the individual town audit reports. This document will make comparisons of towns and provide an overview of the state of the Island’s economic areas as a whole.

We have put together a world class team of specialists to deliver this exciting project in early 2024.

Thank you to Isle of Man Government for this opportunity to work on the island and support their strategy work and success.