Night Time Enterprise Zones Evaluation

During 2023, Didobians worked with the Greater London Authority, Mayor of London 24 Hour Team and the Night Time Enterprise Zones in Bromley, Vauxhall and Woolwich to find, analyse and report on the impact of the Night Time Enterprise Zones by looking at data such as transport availability, business opening hours, footfall, vacancy rates, spend, crime, variety and type of outlets along with conducting engagement with residents, visitors, businesses and night workers.

Much has been learnt and achieved in this time along with increasing the understanding of the availability and quality of data available to inform on policy initiatives such as this. The Greater London Authority is providing an important source of data via its evolving High Streets Data Service and this project has been a key test bed.

Data literacy and data knowledge is key to creating the right evidence base to inform on policy initiatives and track changes in places over time. This is not as easy as it sounds as building in context and changes in currency and comprehensiveness of data is forever evolving. An example is the impact of Covid 19 or the change in spend channels between cash and cards.

Well done and thank you to all involved and especially Lorraine McQuillan, Tom Travers, Celine Lessard, Amy Lamé and Paul Broadhurst for achieving so much and enabling the evolvement of the use of evidence bases in policy.

The summary and full report can be read here