About Us

About Us
Based in the UK, Didobi provides specialist independent advice and consultancy services to real estate professionals, investors and local authorities.

Didobi was founded in 2018. It is a ‘swarm consultancy’ of highly experienced and knowledgeable practioners from the worlds of data, technology, research and real estate. It was created as we saw that there was a lack of independent, practical and experienced expertise in the interpretation and monetisation of data.

These include data science, data quants, research, placemaking, communications and strategy. This unique combination of experience and knowledge has earned Didobi a reputation for distilling data into practical advice and knowledge that enables better strategic decisions and problem solving. We work directly and as well as a collaborate with our partners to meet the specific challenges and needs of our clients as a consortium.

Didobi has collated and analysed data, advised on the creation of world-leading data systems, created and enabled clients to deliver successful strategies with diverse groups of people, and ensured that it is all underpinned by evidence (data) and action plans with key performance indicators. Our clients include Amazon, Greater London Authority, Sheffield City Council, Bassetlaw District Council, Tamworth Borough Council, the Local Government Association, the Investment Property Forum, the Urban Land Institute, Vinci and the Coal Pensions Trustees.

Didobi has since grown

to a team of trusted experts from across the UK and Europe, all of whom are highly regarded in their specialist fields

Our Community

We are committed to being at the forefront of the sectors that we advise, through research and development, and to be an ‘organisation for others’.