Data is everywhere but do you and your team know how to create knowledge from it? Here is how you can

Every company, organisation, local authority and government has increasing exposure to data internally, with external stakeholders and also with broader networks.  Four years of research by Didobi tells us that a majority of employees lack the confidence and capabilities to practically apply data in their day-to-day roles. There has been significant demand from employees to have training and coaching that will enable them to increase their understanding of data theory, and the procurement, analysis, interpretation, and visualisation of data in order to improve their knowledge, confidence and capabilities when acquiring and using data.

This proposal outlines the Didobi ‘From Data to Knowledge’ practical course which includes a one day theory and practice workshop (in person) followed by two mentoring sessions (online) and a third session (in person/online) where attendees will present a use case in the use of data relevant to their role. This training course will provide an overview of and introduction to data analytics, with hands-on case studies and technical skills training.  Case Studies will focus around the specific needs of the attendees.

The initial one day training course will be followed up by 2 one-to-one support sessions (1 hour per session) with each attendee, approximately 1 month and 2 months after the course.  These support sessions are designed to offer practical advice and skills coaching (possibly in support of a data-related project at that time, as guided by the delegate) and will be provided remotely via a video call (Teams/Zoom session or equivalent). There will then be a final support session where each attendee will present back on their use of data.

The training course is targeted at people in roles that involve the use, analysis and interpretation of data to address problems and issues (possibly as part of a wider role) but who have limited technical skills and data analytics experience and need to develop their competencies. It will also enable those who might have management oversight of others in data facing roles to have a better understanding of the application of data and what is involved. Most importantly, the focus of the training will be to use data to answer questions and solve problems rather than having a purely academic approach.

Course key purpose

To share knowledge and develop practical experience in the interpretation, analysis and presentation of data to support staff in their decision-making processes and support to other teams, stakeholders and clients.

Workshop Outline

The key objectives of the workshop are:

1.                   Data Analysis for Policy Making and Decision Support

2.                   Data Processing

3.                   Data Analysis Skills

4.                   Data Visualisation

The course will be led by ‘Didobians’ Matthew Hopkinson and Chris Duley along with insights expert Julia Williams. To read their bios please visit

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