The Changing Retail Landscape – Retail Symposium 2022

Matthew Hopkinson will be presenting at the 16th Annual Technological University Dublin Retail Symposium on the subject of Dynamic Or Dying Towns Post Covid 19 on 21st March.

This year, the TU Dublin Retail Symposium takes place on Monday, 21 March, and Tuesday, 22 March, focusing on a changing retail landscape in Ireland post BREXIT and emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic.

This year’s symposium will consist of a series of hybrid online and physical seminars taking place in the University’s Aungier Street campus that will focus on key trends and challenges for the retail sector arising from a changing retail landscape. All sessions will also be streamed online.

The retail sector is commonly viewed as the most dynamic sector in any economy. The COVID-19 pandemic posed extreme challenges to the sector and unforeseen opportunities that emerged from retailers re-imagining the marketplace, in the COVID-19 context and beyond, how and why people shop has changed. Brexit has added to this complexity and has had a disproportionately greater impact on Irish Retailing than any other European Union country. Emerging marketplaces are also adding to this new retail architecture, and the need for retailers to create greater value for consumers is a given.

The symposium will host an eclectic mix of views from expert analysts on issues about trends and challenges in a changing retail landscape. The remote and in-house audience will consist of TU Dublin undergraduate and postgraduate students, academic staff from International Universities and many of TU Dublin’s corporate retail partners.

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