Didobi appointed Night-time consultant to Greater London Authority 24-Hour London Team

Together with Urban Change Specialists Publica, Didobi will deliver a bespoke programme of support to London Boroughs developing evening and night- time strategies

The 6pm to 6am economy is a crucial part of the vitality of neighbourhoods. It is also, as highlighted by the pandemic, highly dependent on a larger context, including public realm design, transport networks, highways and kerbside strategies, social and cultural infrastructures, and complex ecologies of land uses and services.

As part of the Greater London Authority’s ongoing campaign for a 24-hour London, Publica and Didobi will be delivering one-to-one support to boroughs looking to, and already working on, evening and night-time strategies.

The programme of work will see teams from Publica and Didobi working closely with the GLA and stakeholders to help implement a range of place-specific, evidence-based night-time strategies and projects across London that can help inspire other London boroughs, and towns and cities across the globe.

Both Publica and Didobi advocate strategies and projects that are underpinned by a robust evidence base and have worked on complex projects across a range of timescales, budgets and geographies.

As such, key deliverables include a series of Night Surgeries, which will include focus group workshops, training sessions, site and venue visits, and night walks – together providing specific guidance, ideas, training and support to address the issues highlighted by stakeholders.

“Evening and night-time economies are increasingly important to London’s streets and provide an important economic and social benefit when delivered successfully,” says Didobi co-founder, Matthew Hopkinson. The Didobi team is looking forward to working with the London boroughs to achieve this.”

Didobi’s partner on this project, Publica, is a London-based urban design and public realm practice that was founded in 2010 and works to make urban centres more successful, functional and beautiful. Publica surveys neighbourhoods, undertakes rigorous research and provide strategies and design for innovative, inclusive and sustainable growth, policy and planning.

“Lockdown stripped us of the activities that make London so attractive and culturally rich, and it seriously impacted livelihoods, with jobs and venues alike lost. It also highlighted the crucial role that night workers play in our city,” says Satu Streatfield, Publica’s Associate Director of Night-time and Lighting. “Actively planning for and promoting a varied and sustainable evening and night life has never been more important.”

“We are really happy to be working with Didobi and the GLA’s 24-hour London team to support local authorities across London by providing one-to-one support to help them deliver night-time strategies for local residents, businesses, workers and visitors,” adds Streatfield.

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