Didobi appointed by London Borough of Lewisham to conduct a Markets Study

We are pleased to report that, post a competitive tender process, Didobi has been appointed to conduct a markets study for the London Borough of Lewisham. In addition to Didobians Matthew Hopkinson, Matt Baker and Mallika Basu who will work on this project, we are delighted to be adding Satu Streatfield of Publica and Joe Barratt, founder of the Teenage Market, to the team who bring excellent expertise and experience to the subject.

We will be conducting our research and stakeholder engagement over the next few weeks and will be presenting a full report, presentation and visualisation of our findings and recommendations in May.

Matthew Hopkinson, Managing Director of Didobi commented:

“We are very much looking forward to delivering this project as markets are a key component of healthy places as the quote below from the Ford Foundation reinforces: The social and economic goals of public markets are intertwined in a way unlike those of any other civic institution or commercial entity.

I would like to thank the London Borough of Lewisham for this opportunity to support them as they build vibrant town centres within their borough.”

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