Case Study: Isle of Man Government Town Audit

In November 2022, the Isle of Man Government launched their ‘Our Island, Our Future’ 10–15-year economic plan. It included aims to grow the population to 100,000 by 2037 and create 5,000 new employment opportunities. Since its launch, there has been a general trend of population growth, 1,500 new jobs created, and income tax receipts estimated at £40m ahead of what was budgeted.
This plan is set to be supported by a Local Economic Strategy that will focus on the hospitality, retail and leisure offer to help make the Isle of Man a more competitive, vibrant and sustainable place to live and work.
The ‘Town Audits’ report that Didobi delivered were based on work carried out in early 2024, which will help support the evidence base to drive this strategy and define the future ambitions of local towns, has unique compositions, challenges and opportunities for future growth.

Read the full report here.