Did you know there are two rabbits in UK retail?

Today the team at Squire Sanders, an international law firm, asked me along as one of a number of guest speakers to discuss issues in retail. The 40+ strong audience (speakers and guests) were an mix of retailers (more of this later), landlords, lawyers, consultants, and trainers. Before reporting on the aspects I found interesting, I have to say that a very amusing relationship between two of the retailers present came to light. Pets At Home discussed their multi-channel strategy but stressed the significance of the ‘bunny village’ they have in each store – at great expense!

I haven’t seen one but essentially it is a rabbit playground in the middle of the store. As it happens, many people go to Pets At Home to just play with the rabbits. The average dwell time created by this is 13 mins 6 secs, and 42% of these people leave the store having spent nothing but having petted a rabbit. A great way of customer engagement – short and long term – subtle but very powerful! Following this experiential case study, another retailer in the room told us that there was a synergy between Pets At Home and his shops. Now, I sat there thinking is there more than one shop that has a ‘pets corner’, until he announced that he was from Ann Summers and their ‘rabbit’ sells very well! Suffice to say it caused great laughter and sideways/out of the window looks from some of those present!

So for me there were a number of interesting points made by everyone present, be it about multi-channel, property, brands or incentivising staff. Here they are in no particular order:

So in summary it was a good morning, and I always enjoy learning from clients or people I hope will be clients one day. The good news is that I get to do it all again next week in Leeds.

Thank you Squire Sanders and Bry Roberts of Kantar for asking me to come along.