How efficient, effective and secure is your investment data?

If your answer to this question is we store everything on a spreadsheet then read on!

Are you looking to improve your internal or client reporting? Reduce cost when you do it? And improve the security and scalability?

Many spreadsheet led investors, of which there appear to be many, are experiencing significant issues from failing to grasp the fact that we are all in the knowledge (data) business and property is just an asset class.

Many face issues of;

What are the operational priorities for your company?

How do you balance cost v functionality?

At Didobi we believe that we have the most experienced, capable and practical team in the UK when it comes to data and systems. We have developed clear structures, processes and deliverables in standard software that we know will save you time, save you money, improve your data as an asset, improve your data security and most importantly improve your reporting and forecasting capabilities both internally and externally.

We don’t sell products. We don’t sell software.

We sell time and expertise to answer your questions and solve your issues. We do this through a thorough understanding of your structures, data, feeds, reports and link this to your aspirations and our experience in delivering world class data systems.

When regulation comes knocking on the property industry’s door then our advice is make sure your data systems and reports are ready as those who are will save money, attract the most investment and therefore create the most value.

Get in touch and we will happily come and have a NO OBLIGATION meeting so we can understand your issues and see if and how we might deploy our expertise for you.