Didobi co-funded studentship with University College London commences

A big day for Didobi as we formally launch our co-funded PhD studentship with UCL and ESRC: Economic and Social Research Council. Here is MD Matthew Hopkinson with our PhD student, Mikaella Mavrogeni and academic sponsors Professor Paul Longley and Dr Justin van Dijk outside UCL.

The thesis is on Real time geodemographics for business and service planning. In short geodemographics, or ‘the analysis of people by where they live and work’ present an organising framework for representing the sometimes highly variegated ways in which neighbourhoods are differentiated. They use a range of established techniques for summarising large volumes of conventional statistical data into summary profiles that policy makers find helpful in making resource allocation decisions.

The aim is to provide a more current and dynamic to understand the way people interact with places!

This is the first time that Didobi has financially supported a PhD and whilst it is a hugely significant investment for a micro SME we believe that it is the right thing to do and will benefit how we understand places in the future. We believe in investing in education to support the next generation to help tackle the challenges that we face and the growing volumes and complexity of data.

Welcome to a really exciting three years Mikaella!

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