Didobi turns 5!

The 24th January 2023 is Didobi’s 5th birthday! 


How time flies but a key question is, has it kept to the vision that Matthew Hopkinson and Matt Richardson had when they created Didobi back in 2018? 


That vision lay in creating a company that acted as an umbrella (‘bee hive/home’) for world class and experienced practioners (‘the swarm’) in the world of data and research to provide independent expertise in the ‘interpretation and monetisation of data’. We also made a commitment to be at the forefront of the sectors we advise, through research and development, and to be an organisation for others. A vision should be a journey and so we would not claim to have achieved it but would hope that our clients and reputation would point to us remaining ‘on course’ and ‘walking our talk’. 

Over the five years we have done many projects for a wide range of clients from real estate to robots. Most importantly the access to knowledge for our clients has grown through the number of Didobians, now numbering 19 across the UK and Europe. Research excellence is at our core as seen by our work with leading universities and the fact that Didobi is co-funding a PhD student at University College London, not an easy task as a micro SME but one that we feel is the right thing to do. 

Whilst many of the ‘Didobi swarm’ have 20+ years’ experience we are committed to supporting the next generation through research and opportunties to work with us. This is an area we hope to grow further over the next five years but to that end we have worked with a young person, Lakeem Rose, setting out on his business career, to create five short videos based around what he wants to know about Didobi and its origins. We will be posting one a week for the next five weeks and we hope that you enjoy them. 


To reach five years as a business when you look at the challenges of the last five years is no mean feat. To have got this far and to have done what we have done is thanks to our clients who have trusted in the Didobi swarm to deliver world class evidence-led research and analysis in supporting of them answering challenging questions and solving complex issues. We don’t seek to work on all things with all people but on projects that can be summed up as ‘meaningful work with meaningful people’. Creating positive impact with the people and places we work is the heart of what we do. 


THANK YOU to everyone, clients, Didobians, partners and supporters for all you have done over the last five years and we look forward to serving the commercial real estate and built environment for the next five years to create social, environmental and economic impact. 


If you would like to join our journey then we would love to hear from you.