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and the economic regeneration of towns very much at its heart. We uniquely understand the support towns and communities need to shift from an over dependence on retail to multi-use, diverse and integrated communities that deliver economic, social and environmental benefits.

We co-created the #bettertowns Roadmap, which steers the journey towns need to take to create strategies and actions that will deliver meaningful difference to their future. Each junction of the roadmap comprises a set of clear and simple steps that build incrementally towards a series of short, medium- and long-term goals. An evidenced-based approach, it leverages academic research into people and places and has been delivered for the likes of Local Government Association, Sheffield City Council, Bassetlaw District Council, Tamworth District Council and Blackpool Council.

Data Based. Locally Informed.

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Creating town visions

Data capture

Creating valuable insights from complex data

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Detailed understanding of digital, data and systems

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Didobi will deliver a bespoke programme of support to London Boroughs developing evening and night-time strategies

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The Didobi team has been great in producing the Isle of Man first Town Audits. The team came in quickly and has done remarkably diligent job in such a small timeframe. It is so great to see all this data in one place. It allows the Isle of Man to benchmark its local economy for the very first time. The audits will be the foundations to the Isle of Man’s local economy strategy.
Tim Cowsill
Chief Executive of Business
I was absolutely delighted by the outputs from this project. From the outset the depth of experience, understanding and energy that Didobi brought was excellent…… Thank you to all involved and I hope we can work again together.
Sam Gilmour
Head of Economic Growth and Infrastructure, Middlesbrough Council
I was very impressed by Didobi and what they were able to achieve….…… They clearly communicated what they were doing and were very collaborative in choosing the data measures. They exhibited very detailed knowledge of data, potential pitfalls when using data, as well as an excellent ability to source open and commercial data to achieve the outcomes required.
Alex Hatt
Regeneration Manager
Our thanks to Matthew and the Didobi team for their research and insights in the science and tech sectors, the trends shaping its growth, the roles of cities and universities and emerging areas for growth. I was really impressed with the research data and their work will help us inform our focus.
Graham Lambert
Managing Director, Vinci UK Developments
Didobi have run training for my team to build our knowledge and confidence around data. We’re now much more clued up and informed when talking with analysts, commissioning research and reports, agreeing grant monitoring frameworks and procuring data.
Paul Broadhurst
Manager – 24 Hour London, Greater London Authority
Matthew and the team at Didobi have been invaluable in de-mystifying data for me, my team and London’s local authorities. We hired Didobi to help local authorities create evidence bases for their night-time strategies. They’ve helped the local authorities to understand the key questions they need to answer about their boroughs at night, what sources of data they can use, what gaps are left, and how to address them.
Paul Broadhurst
Manager – 24 Hour London, Greater London Authority
It was a pleasure to work with Didobi. They delivered a comprehensive, engaging and highly visual markets report (including a summary infographic) based on gaining a detailed understanding of the markets through visits, a survey with over 400 responses and analysis of key data. Their work will help inform future activity to support the high street.
Laura Ahern
Principal Town Centre Growth Officer - Economy, Jobs and Partnerships - Housing, Regeneration and Public Realm
Great work by the Didobi team in delivering our latest ULI Asia Pacific report - Understanding the Life Sciences Sector in Asia Pacific – the Case for Investment. It rode on the success of the Life Sciences report published by ULI Europe, which was also conducted by the Didobi. It was a very collaborative process and well managed by the Didobi team. Their deep industry knowledge and experience brought added value to the research project.
May Chow
Senior Vice President, ULI Asia Pacific
ULI has collaborated with Didobi to research a crucial topic for the European real estate industry looking at Understanding the Life Sciences Sector: The Case for Real Estate Investment. Supported by ULI and a steering group consisting of the project’s funders, Didobi undertook the work, by surveying and interviewing ULI members and experts, collecting data and market views, to ensure that a wide range of opinions could be considered. The resulting report, which has been well received by the industry, provides a comprehensive overview of the sector.
Lisette van Doorn
Chief Executive


The IPF seeks to enhance the understanding of real estate as an asset class and raise awareness of issues that may have far-reaching consequences for property investment. These objectives are exemplified by Didobi’s work for the IPF Research Programme on two recent studies: Operational Real Estate Risk and Reward and Global Capital Flows in a World of Increasing Nationalism & Protectionism.
Pam Craddock
Research Director
It was a pleasure to work with Didobi on the Clicks and Mortar programme. As we opened up shops and filled them with online sellers who wanted to test trade, the Didobi team measured what worked. As small businesses look to make an ever-greater return to the High Street, the Didobi role will be critical in crafting a model that sees this form of PopUp retail working for the small business, landlords, and customers.
Emma Jones
CBE, Founder, Enterprise Nation
As project manager for the Council I found Didobi to be very well organised, very thorough and complete works when they said they were going to and to scope and specification agreed. The final report produced was concise yet detailed, with novel ideas and applications that the Council had not ever considered or had never articulated correctly before.
Matt Fletcher
Head of Economic Development and Regeneration Tamworth Borough Council
Thank you for your excellent and informative presentation. It was very well received especially amongst the more strategic thinkers. I think to some of the others the facts came as a shock to the system.
ACES London
It was a pleasure meeting you today and the feedback from the audience on your presentation was extremely encouraging. It helped set the challenge for a new strategic vision and framework in which to present to residents as the ideas evolve over the forthcoming months. Thanks for setting the scene for the thought-provoking discussions that followed.
Tony Leonard
Executive Director for Business Operations, Rother District Council


Thank you for an informative and thought-provoking session.
Baroness Valentine
Thanks again for an interesting and thought-provoking masterclass.
Clive Burley
Horsham District Council
A very big thank you for your invaluable contributions this week, at Cirencester Futures.
Philippa Lowe
Cotswold District Council
Great piece of work Matthew, articulate, reasoned and accurate
Emma Mackenzie
NewRiver REIT
I found it inspirational and also left with a feeling of ignorance and inadequate knowledge of the current thinking
LGA Member
Both workshops were very interesting and useful, with some good speakers and a good opportunity to meet those from other towns who are facing similar challenges. The handouts are good and having copies of the presentations is also particularly helpful.
LGA Member
The handouts (aide memoir and workbook) are really useful.
LGA Member
Thanks - a great day. I left inspired and with key actions to move our town centre work forward. We'll be looking at how to engage communities more too
LGA Member
The success of the conference was in no small part down to your excellent and engaging presentation. It was a pivotal element of the morning and it was clear to me from the room ambience as you were on your feet that all would be well. And indeed it was. So thanks you very much for that.
David Halkyard
Cotswold District Council
Thanks again for organising the event, such a great day. I hope we have the chance to work together again in future. Really impressed with your whole approach and its realisation-- keep it up.
Grace Cantennacio
Thank you for your great presentation today. As ever it was full of thought-provoking facts that will help us plan the future of our towns
Shawn Riley
Wychavon District Council
So inspired by Matthew Hopkinson this morning in thinking about the growth and development of town centres. And can I just say a huge thank you for your time and vision on Tuesday, the feedback from people has been great.
Melanie Powell
Rother District Council

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