Didobi continually strives to be at the forefront of data, business strategy and how the two can work effectively together. As such Didobi team members author and co-author leading publications and make them available freely to visitors as part of our commitment to spread awareness and knowledge of reality and the opportunities that the future presents including best practice, methodologies and models.

18th July 2019

Towards a Better Understanding of Footfall

A research update on three UCL PhDs looking into footfall and its relationship to places and retail sales through Local Data  Company SmartStreetSensor devices.
4th June 2019

Creating Better Leaders aide-memoire

#CreatingBetterLeaders is designed to be an aide-memoire and support for everyone who is knowingly or unknowingly, willingly or unwillingly in a situation where leadership is required to help lead, transform or build teams in an organisation, place, company or community.
11th January 2019

Creating Better Towns Workbook

A workbook for use in conjunction with the Didobi Better Towns Aide-Memoire  to help users deliver a vision, strategy and well thought out plan for their town. The workbook forms part of the Didobi and Partners Better Towns Masterclass where it is supplied as a hard copy along with the…
7th January 2019

Creating Better Towns Aide-Memoire

An aide-memoire for Councils and stakeholders in towns that identifies and clearly defines best practice, methodologies and the key ingredient for Creating Better Towns, a Didobi Masterclass. "The Local Government Association welcomes this aide-memoire, designed to support the Creating Better Towns masterclass programme that Didobi have been running on behalf…
29th August 2018

A review of data across GB town centres 2013-18

A review of economic, retail and property market data across Great Britain relevant to the function and performance of town centres.
3rd July 2018

The Grimsey Review 2 (2018)

Grimsey Review 2, 'It's time to reshape our town centres',  published in July 2018. A 'five years on' follow up to Grimsey Review 1 (2013) with evidence of how UK towns are changing, recommendations, best practice and case studies from across the UK and Belgium. 4 key findings, 3 barriers…
3rd September 2013

The Grimsey Review (2013)

The Grimsey Review, An Alternative Future For The High Street' published in September 2013. A comprehensive evidence based review on the state of the UK's town centres. 31 recommendations.