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Guidance, imagery, ideas, case studies and evidence to help towns realise their potential. Delivered by the #bettertowns consortium of which Didobi is a founding member. To download go to


Understanding The Life Sciences Sector. The case for Real Estate Investment

A client research project for the Urban Land Institute Europe.

Real estate investors and developers are showing increasing interest in life sciences real estate based on the structural growth potential of the sector, coupled with the diversification benefits of an anti-cyclical play. A ULI member survey found investor interest in life sciences real estate attributed to competitive risk-adjusted returns (35%), the potential for capital growth (28%) and diversification (20%).

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Operational Real Estate: Risk and Reward

Client report: Investment Property Forum

Operational real estate is mostly associated with alternative real estate types, as opposed to the traditional sectors of office, industrial and retail property, and many investors view these assets as complex, illiquid and opportunistic. However, deal volumes and allocations are increasing as investors are drawn to the prospect of capturing the extra upside associated with a well-run business or a newly-emerging business model. Demand for high quality, recurring, long-term income, coupled with a relatively attractive yield profile and the ability to actively manage the assets, are also contributing attractions.

How to address the issue of risk when pricing operational assets is lacking clarity, however, with inconsistency in the approach to making real estate investment decisions, while various attributes important to assessing risk in ORE may be unfamiliar to real estate professionals.

The full report of the research and its findings is available to IPF members only but this summary is available to download.

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#BetterTowns Roadmap

Didobi in association with HLM Architects and realestateworks has launched a new online interactive roadmap to support local authorities in creating successful places.

(more…) 22/07/2020

Repurposing UK Department Stores

In January 2020 Quadrant and Eccleston Capital launched a new investment vehicle to repurpose redundant department stores. Matthew Hopkinson of Didobi was commissioned to write a thought leadership section on department stores (pages 6 & 7)

“With investment, innovation and imagination department stores can still have a place
on our High Streets. And where this is not viable, they offer a footprint which can accommodate new uses which will make a fresh and major contribution to reinvigorating our town centres. “

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Global Capital Flows in a World of Increasing Nationalism and Protectionism

This Investment Property Forum research paper written by Didobi and Control Risks focuses on the threats and opportunities posed by growing nationalism and protectionism to global capital flows in the real estate investment sector.

Two scenarios have been chosen to outline potential trajectories for the global political and economic landscape through to 2030 and what these may imply for the real estate investment sector.

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Towards a Better Understanding of Footfall

A research update from three UCL PhD students who are using Local Data Company’s SmartStreetSensor devices to analyse retail footfall and its relationship to places and sales.

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Creating Better Leaders Aide-Memoire

#CreatingBetterLeaders is designed to be an aide-memoire and support for everyone who is knowingly or unknowingly, willingly or unwillingly, in a situation where leadership is required to help transform or build teams in an organisation, place, company, or community.

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Creating Better Towns Workbook

A workbook for use in conjunction with the Didobi Better Towns Aide-Memoire to help users deliver a vision, strategy, and well thought out plan for their town. The workbook forms part of the Didobi and Partners Better Towns Masterclass, where it is supplied as a hard copy along with the aide-memoire.

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Creating Better Towns Aide-Memoire

An aide-memoire for Councils and stakeholders in towns which identifies and clearly defines best practice, methodologies, and the key ingredient for Creating Better Towns: a Didobi Masterclass.

The Local Government Association welcomes this aide-memoire, designed to support the Creating Better Towns masterclass programme that Didobi have been running on behalf of the LGA. It will be a helpful resource to all LGA members during this challenging but exciting time for our towns and cities.The Local Government Association.

This is a very helpful and succinct document that encompasses the key areas for managing places. I recommend it to all place stakeholders as an excellent reference document.” Phil Prentice, Chief Officer, Scotland’s Towns Partnership.

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A review of data across GB town centres 2013-18

A review of economic, retail, and property market data across Great Britain relevant to the function and performance of town centres.

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The Grimsey Review 2 (2018)

The Grimsey Review 2 ‘It’s time to reshape our town centres’ was published in July 2018. It is a ‘five years on’ follow up to the 2013 Grimsey Review and contains evidence of how UK towns are changing, recommendations, best practice, and case studies from across the UK and Belgium. It contains 4 key findings, 3 barriers to progress, and 25 recommendations.

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The Grimsey Review (2013)

The Grimsey Review ‘An Alternative Future For The High Street’ was published in September 2013. It is a comprehensive evidence-based review on the state of the UK’s town centres. it contains 31 recommendations.

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